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The doctor can prescribe two categories of drugs that improve potency. If the patient is diagnosed with any disease that negatively affected the ability to perform normal sexual intercourse, then therapy will be aimed at combatingboo with the underlying disease.

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In this case, the choice of treatment will depend on the specifics of the disease. For example, if impotence is psychogenic in nature and has arisen due to the fact that the patient has experienced severe stress, mild sedatives and adaptogens may be prescribed.

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At the same time, medications can be recommended that directly affect potency. The most popular of these are Viagra and its analogues, such as Levitra and Cialis. These drugs work on the same principle.

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Unfortunately, drugs to improve erection have a number of unpleasant side effects. In particular, they can lead to high blood pressure and are addictive, that is, addictive.

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They act on smooth muscles, improving blood circulation in the penis. You need to take drugs immediately before having intercourse.

It is important to remember that all drugs in this group have many contraindications, so it is better not to take them without first consulting a doctor.

Sometimes, in order to improve your sex life, you need to rethink many habits. In order to improve potency and get rid of erectile dysfunction, doctors recommend: do not give up physical activity. Physical inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle lead to stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs.

Due to the deteriorated blood circulation, erection problems begin. It is important to walk as much as possible, do gymnastics every day, sign up for a gym; being overweight can cause problems in your sex life.

Firstly, shortness of breath interferes with normal sexual intercourse, and secondly, excess weight often causes hormonal imbalance in the male body; it is very important to give up smoking and alcohol.

Tobacco and alcohol have a negative effect on blood vessels and worsen the general condition of the body; to avoid psychogenic potency disorders, it is important to learn how to effectively cope with stress.

Sometimes this may require working with a psychologist or psychotherapist; Not getting enough sleep can negatively affect your ability to have normal intercourse.

It is important to plan your day carefully and pay sufficient attention to proper rest

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    Often psychogenic impotence occurs due to insufficient trusting relationship with a permanent sexual partner.

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    Family problems often cause temporary erectile dysfunction in men. To avoid this, it is important to learn how to negotiate with your "other half" and avoid confrontations, solving emerging problems in a constructive way.

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    What to do in order not to face the problem of inability to perform normal sexual intercourse? It is important to be guided by the following rules: regularly perform preventive medical examinations.

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    It is easier to identify the disease in the initial stages than to treat its consequences, among which there may be impotence; wear quality underwear.


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Unfortunately, too tight synthetic underwear can lead to a violation of potency